VIDEO: Alleged neo-Nazi activist attacked by lions at zoo

Former Spanish police officer - previously arrested for Nazi-themed protest - scaled the walls of the enclose where 3 lions mauled him, according to local media.

Alleged neo-Nazi activist attacked by lions at zoo
Whether in an act of unknown protest, plain disregard for basic safety or a test of conviction in the lions' den, an alleged neo-Nazi activist sustained critical injuries from a lion attack at the Barcelona Zoo on Sunday after he jumped into the animals' enclosure, according to Spanish daily El País.
According to eyewitness accounts, the 45-year-old former Spanish police officer donned full military garb when he deliberately scaled the walls of the feline enclose where three lions mauled him.
Emergency workers arrived at the scene and used power hoses to stave off the animals during rescue operations.
According to the report, a local hospital was treating the man who sustained bite and scratch wounds all over his body.
The perpetrator of the possibly life threatening act was identified by El País as Barcelona area native Justo José M. P., whose previous arrest file includes involvement in discrepancies such as draping a swastika-laden banner from a landmark Antoni Gaudi-designed building with slogans reading "Abortion murder" and "40,000 children. Hitler [was an] amateur."