Want to be a Nazi buster? There's an app for that!

Smartphone app "Against Nazis" seeks to thwart extremist right-wing protests in Berlin with counter-protests.

"Against Nazis" app (photo credit: screenshot)
"Against Nazis" app
(photo credit: screenshot)
Want to join a campaign to thwart right-wing extremist protests in Germany? Look no further than your smartphone's app store.
A new smartphone app called Gegen Nazis, or Anti-Nazis, is part of a project called Berlin Against Nazis. According to the app description, the initiative comprises "a broad network against right-wing extremism and racism with strong partners and strong support, funded by the Berlin Senate."
The app informs its users of actions it deems "relevant" by the extreme Right, and provides information on their whereabouts via an interactive map of Berlins, updating users via push notifications about rallies and protests and any changes of locations.
The idea behind the app is that its users can travel to the scene of these events in an effort to prevent them from occurring.
German media outlet Deutsche Welle (DW) quoted Jessica Zeller, of the Association for Democratic Culture in Berlin, as saying that the anti-Nazi movement already gained enough momentum to help thwart a large right-wing demonstration scheduled last month in Berlin. "There were four events by anti-Nazi supporters, so [right-wing supporters] avoided it," Zeller told DW, adding that the app is designed to aid them in this endeavor.
The app is currently only in German, but DW quoted Zeller as saying that she wishes to add English and Turkish.The app currently only functions in Berlin and Brandenburg.