WATCH: JPost's Herb Keinon preview's Netanyahu's speech at the UN

Will Netanyahu steal the spotlight with UN theatrics?

Herb Keinan previews Netanyahu's UN speech (CREDIT HERB KEINAN)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to deliver his annual speech before the UN General assembly. Speaking only three hours after US President Donald Trump, Netanyahu will have to be on his "A-game" to compete with Trump's fiery rhetoric against "rogue nations" North Korea and Iran. 

All eyes are on the UN headquarters n New York City to see what gimmick the Israeli premier will choose to employ. In the past he has used props and diagrams that captured the world's attention.

Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Correspondent Herb Keinon is on assignment in New York, having traveled with Netanyahu and his retinue for the past week, accompanying him on a three-state tour of Latin America. 

He breaks down what to be expected in the upcoming speech at 20:30 local time (1:30 p.m. EST).