WATCH: Sharia law scholar warns against higher education for women

"We throw our daughters and our children into the ocean and we say to them, 'Don't you dare get wet.'"

Deception Of Dunya - Ustadh Nassim Abdi (ASWJ Auburn Media / YouTube)
Fundamentalist Islamic scholar Nassim Abdi warns that a higher education for women leads to disobedience of Islamic law, and that fathers "will be held responsible" if this happens to their daughters.
The Australian lecturer makes the comments in a YouTube video on the channel ASWJ Auburn Media, in which he talks about Islamic law in everyday life.
He argues that if a woman is "physically and mentally and emotionally able to get married, then why prevent her?"
Delaying marriage for education, according to the scholar, can tempt women into premarital sex, going against the rules of Allah.
"We throw our daughters and our children into the ocean and we say to them, 'Don't you dare get wet,'" he says, a metaphor for sending women to get an education.
"There is nothing wrong with a woman getting an education, especially if it's needed," he begins. "There's nothing wrong with a person delaying marriage if there is an appropriate reason. But when you know that this step is going to lead to the disobedience of Allah, then upon you, dear brother, is to stop that if you can. Otherwise you will be held responsible."
In the video, a lesson on not allowing the temptations of life to deceive Muslims, Abdi cautions against worrying about one's reputation and the judgements of society. What Allah thinks of you, he says, is the most important.
"And how many people ended up committing Zina (sex before marriage)... because we wanted our reputation to be held up, we wanted a master's degree for our daughter who's never going to use it."