Yemeni mediators say 3 German hostages released

Kidnappers have released three Germans after the Yemeni government agreed to meet some of their conditions, including paying a ransom and releasing some tribesmen from prison, mediators said Friday. The Germans were due to arrive by the late afternoon in the capital city of San'a, said Ahmed Ubad Sherif, one of the leading mediators from the Khawlan tribe. Sherif said the Germans were being taken care of by Sheik Abdel Qawi Ubad, the deputy governor of the Al-Dhala province in southern Yemen. The deputy governor is also a senior tribal member. A second tribal official, who was also mediating, said the kidnappers released the hostages after the government agreed to their conditions to release some tribesmen in Yemeni prisons. The mediator, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said a ransom of 20 million Riyals ($100,000) was paid by the Yemeni government.