'Israeli man wanted to spy for Iran'

Mauricio Segal charged with contacting Iranian diplomat, offering information in return for money.

ahmadinejad 248.88 (photo credit: )
ahmadinejad 248.88
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An Israeli national was arrested last month for holding contacts with an Iranian agent and passing information on to an enemy state, police revealed on Thursday. On December 22, the police's Serious and International Crimes Unit arrested Mauricio Segel and handed him over to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for questioning. Segel told his interrogators that during a stay in Argentina in 2006, he had repeatedly made contact with an Iranian diplomat at the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires. Segel offered to pass on information to the Iranians in exchange for a financial reward. He provided the Iranians with copies of his passport and his Israeli ID card after removing his personal details from the documents. According to police, Segel went as far as offering to fetch information on another Israeli citizen on behalf of the Iranians. On Thursday, Segel was indicted by Central District prosecutors and charged with passing on information to benefit an enemy, contact with a foreign agent, and illegal use of his passport.