Rouhani accuses foes of seeking to spread 'Iranaphobia'

Iranian president alludes to US, Israel in claim that Islamic Republic's enemies are disseminating lies to depict Iran as a threat.

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani. (photo credit: REUTERS)
Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Iran does not pose a threat to the world despite attempts by the Islamic Republic's enemies to conjure a worldwide conspiracy of "Iranaphobia," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has claimed.
"Our enemies want to establish 'Iranophobia' across the world; to tell the world that Iran is a threat," he said in an interview Wednesday with state television in Tehran.
"Under the pretext of Iranophobia, the killers are able to do whatever they want in the region and interfere however much they want," Rouhani added.
Despite Western concerns over Iran's disputed nuclear ambitions, Rouhani stated that his country's activities were "completely peaceful".
Under the terms of an interim deal reached in November between Iran and six world powers, Tehran agreed to limit parts of its nuclear program, in exchange for the easing of some international sanctions.
Rouhani charged that a deal on the "Iranaphobia conspiracy" must first be reached before the international community decides to impose any new sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
"This move (the nuclear deal) has caused much anger among our enemies. You can see that the radicals in America are saying something new every day," Rouhani stated.
US lawmakers have some influence over Iran policy because of their ability to pass legislation imposing fresh sanctions on Iran, something US President Barack Obama has opposed during the current negotiations and threatened to veto.
However, the Iranian president cited what he said was Israeli displeasure over the interim nuclear deal as one of the apparent benefits viewed by his country from the Geneva nuclear talks.
"The Zionist regime is very angry and our dear people witness how upset they are with this agreement. I want to state that this is the first success of the great nation of Iran in cooperating with the world," he said.