ADRIAN WOLFF - Licensed Tour Guide

Offering customized tours for individuals or groups, in a private car, MPV or bus. My tours are tailored towards those who want background to our history – biblical, historical to modern times while tying up all the pieces.

ADRIAN (photo credit: ADRIAN)
(photo credit: ADRIAN)
Offering one-day or multi-day customized tour services forindividuals and small groups in a private car or MPV and larger groupsin a mini-bus or coach.
Lecture to various groups on the History of the Land of Israel and amthe author of a 360 page book ‘A Chronology of Israel’ covering thehistory of Israel from the time of the Patriarch Abraham until moderntimes. The book is divided into chapters, each covering a specificperiod and providing background of events in history. There aresummaries, photographs, maps and many theological quotations.

My mother tongue is English and am an Honours graduate from the University of Cape Town.

Served for six years in the Israel Defense Forces, obtaining therank of major and together with my subsequent reserve duties have givenme an intimate knowledge of the country and its people.

  • Specializes in Biblical, Historical, Modern Israel
  • Tours in English, Hebrew
  • Tour with Christians and/or Jews
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Telephone: (972) 3 540-3469; (972) 54 454-3469,