Gilad Suffrin – Licensed Guide and a Friend in Israel

Your personal tour designer, tour operator and private tour guide in Israel - is inviting you to the best tour in the Holy Land.

gilad-suffrin (photo credit: gilad-suffrin)
(photo credit: gilad-suffrin)

Gilad Suffrin – a licensed tour guide and a friend in Israel

Whenyou contact me to inquire about my services, the first thing I do isinitiate a telephone or skype conversation in order to get a muchbetter understanding of your wishes, desires and fields of interest.This helps me build a specific tour program, fitting your needs.

Inthe program all other essential factors, such as: budget, interestingactivities for kids, weather, light hours, driving distances, physicallimitations, specific accommodations, transportation, reservations tosites, etc. are taken into consideration.

The outcomeof all this is a unique program which will turn into an unforgettableand emotional experience that you probably did not expect beforehand.

I specialize in the following tours:

  • Family and Bar Mitzvah tours
  • Pilgrimage tours
  • Archeological and historical sites
  • Nature hikes
  • Fun and amusement tours

Phone: +972-2-6710416 cell: +972-50-6863448, skype: gilad.suffrin1