120,000 Israelis visited national parks during the first day of Sukkot

The Israeli Nature and Parks Authority operated shuttles in Ein Ziv in the Galilee; overnight parking lots expected to be full to the max.

Akhziv view by Shay Koran/ The Israeli Nature and Parks Authority
Around three thousand Israelis spent the night camping on beaches or in overnight parking lots before joining more than a hundred thousand fellow backpackers and hikers who used the beginning of the Sukkot holiday on Thursday to explore Caesarea Maritima, originally built by King Herod, and Ashkelon National Park.
Both parks registered more than three thousand visitors each.
Mamshit National Park also gained a lot of visitors thanks to a lively Nabataean market that will keep operating in the next few days. The market, while not a historically accurate portrayal of the ancient desert civilization, is a lively and colorful event in which adults and children can watch traditional craftsmen, listen to music, and try new foods.
The public is encouraged to visit the various parks and learn more about the wildlife and nature of Israel.