WATCH: A musical tribute to Ori Ansbacher

Family and friends turn Ansbacher's poetry into song.

Ori Ansbacher (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ori Ansbacher
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Family and friends of Ori Ansbacher, who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on February 7, performed a haunting tribute in her memory when they set music to a poem that she wrote.
They performed the resulting song in the Ansbacher family home during the Shiv'a (mourning period). 
Former MK Dov Lipman shared a video of the performance on his Facebook page where he commented, "Watch, peer into Ori's soul, and understand the depth of the tragedy."
According to Lipman's post, Ansbacher wrote the poem to herself.
Ansbacher was raped and murdered in what security officials say was a nationalistic attack. The suspect, Arafat Irfaiya, confessed to carrying out the attack.
On February 19, thousands of people marched from the place where she was murdered to the First Station in Jerusalem. At the First Station, friends gave speeches  and well-known Israeli singers performed in her memory. Artist Shlomi Shabat performed a song which he set to another one of Ansbacher's poems.
Peggy Cidor contributed to this report.