UG Boutique - the home of all that’s good

A new and intimate suite complex has opened in the North and it seems to be exactly what we need these days.

  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)

Restored historic boutique building

Six spacious and well-designed suites

Retreat atmosphere and inspiration for body and mind

With all the current security and political storms that are attacking us from all sides, we all need a place of refuge that will give relaxation and peace to body and mind. An opportunity to restart your thoughts, to get inspiration from nature, from history, from the location, and to return to a strengthened and renewed life.

It was precisely from this need that UG Boutique was born, a boutique vacation complex, intimate and designed with a lot of emotion in the heart of the historical area of the emerging city of Tiberias on the banks of the Sea of Galilee and near significant tourist sites, such as Maimonides' tomb.

The origin of the name UG means United for Good, and according to this approach of unity and commitment to the well-being of the human race, the hotel concept was built, which is a pioneering spot for doing good for the community and is part of an extensive social enterprise that brings together communities with associations, volunteering, workshops and positive content.

  (credit: PR)
(credit: PR)

The hospitality experience at UG Boutique

As soon as you enter the complex you will feel the atmosphere of inspiration typical of UG, the positive messages will meet you at every corner and help you think well, eat well and live well.

The spacious and well-equipped courtyard, as well as the six suites suitable for couples, families and organizations, were designed according to the theory of health and wellness instilled by Maimonides.

The design is clean and combines old and new, the bedding is made of fine natural cotton, the hospitality is meticulous down to the smallest details and invites guests to relax, travel, create and reconnect with themselves.

In the complex you will find spacious and luxurious suites with a balcony or garden suitable for 6 guests, up to 3 guests each. They include a kitchenette equipped with a fine espresso machine, healthy snacks, a dining area and a decorated living room. The large and well-equipped common green offers wading pools, a high-quality outdoor kitchen, an inviting knight's table, areas to hang out and even a kumzitz area for setting up a heart-warming bonfire.

  (credit: PR)
(credit: PR)

The boutique complex is perfect for corporate and executive events, bar/bat mitzvahs and pre-wedding Shabbats, family and social gatherings and bachelorette parties, and it has already hosted well-known figures from the Israeli cultural scene, such as singer Moshe Peretz, host Tzahi Koma, ‘Survivor’ star Gal Rubin and Daniel Greenberg.

At UG, collaborations are created and you can book workshops, lectures, chef meals and various classes ranging from yoga and nutrition to Maimonides’ medicine and creative writing.

The concept hotel is an excellent point of departure for various trips to the sites of the north and of course for water activities on the banks of the Kinneret and for the growing water sports experience in the national lake.

About the founders and designers

The boutique complex was founded by a couple of social entrepreneurs, Oren and Tsafnat Revach, who recognized the potential of the location and the ancient building that had stood empty for many years. Oren was born in Tiberias and is very connected to the northern human landscape. Believing and knowing that our national lake is the lake of life and the tourist sites are a significant place for all nations, he decided to invest in encouraging tourism and build a unique complex of its kind where visitors can contribute and be contributed to. The concept of the boutique hotel complements their extensive social and volunteer work, and with the help of interior designer Vered Elovitch and the branding office 360UP, the dream has come true and now, you too can be a part of the good...

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