Avi Gabbay presents his number two: Ex-IDF General Tal Russo

Former IDF General Russo said “today I don a new set of uniforms, to serve the nation with.”

Tal Rousso (photo credit: Courtesy)
Tal Rousso
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Former IDF General and head of the IDF Depth Corps Tal Russo was introduced on  Wednesday as number two on the Labor Party's list in the upcoming April elections.
Standing alongside party leader Avi Gabbay, Russo said that he is “overjoyed to be in the excellent labor list.”
Gabbay presented Russo saying, “we wanted a fully informed member of the defense establishment” and called Russo “a true leader.”
Russo spent his early military career in the Special Forces and oversaw Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012 before retiring from service.
Russo said that the first major security challenge which Israel faces would be “to separate from the Palestinians. He also claimed that he has met with thousands of IDF soldiers during the course of his career, and never paid any attention to “who was religious, who was not…they were all my brothers in arms.”
“I join the political system today to promote unity,” he said.