Blasts target Kiryat Yam mayor

Police from the Coastal District were hesitant to speak on the record about the incident, saying that the circumstances remain unclear.

Israeli Police (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Israeli Police
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Police on Sunday began probing whether or not someone is trying to kill Kiryat Yam Mayor David Even Zur, hours after an explosion tore through his car while it was parked outside his house in the city.
No one was hurt in the Saturday night explosion, but the car was completely burned in the ensuing fire.
Police from the Coastal District were very hesitant to speak on the record about the incident, saying their only comment as of Sunday afternoon is that there had been an explosion in the mayor’s car, apparently from a bomb, but that the circumstances of the incident remain unclear.
The incident seemed clear as day for the local municipality, however, with spokesman Nati Zilberman saying the explosion was a hate crime directed at the mayor.
“There is no doubt that this is part of the string of hate crimes that have occurred recently”, Zilberman said, adding that the mayor was not under any threats and that there are no enemies they can think of who would have wanted to hurt him.
Zilberman and Even Zur himself both said Sunday they think the bombing was a response to a post Even Zur wrote on his Facebook page Friday decrying the stabbings at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade and the arson attack that killed a Palestinian baby in the West Bank village of Duma last week.
In the post, Even Zur wrote: “We are now witness to more and more displays of hatred and violence and the time has come to love and respect one another.” There is no greater commandment in Judaism than to love others as you’d wish to be loved, he wrote.
Controversial or not, the post received a number of likes and more than a dozen shares and there was only one negative comment, left by a local man complaining about how he keeps Shabbat and the smoke from barbecue pits along the city’s beach wafts into his house on the weekends.
Even Zur, who has been in office for two years isn’t known to have faced any threats, but his predecessor Shmuel Sisso was subject to repeated threats and, in December 2008, a fragmentation grenade was thrown into his house, causing damage but no injuries.
The Coastal District has tasked its special investigative unit with probing the explosion.