Brazilian-Lebanese cartoonist slammed for Israel-hating cartoon

Brazilian-Lebanese cartoonist Carlos Latuff published a cartoon in which he slammed IDF search and rescue mission to Brazil as "killing Palestinians."

Carlos Latuff  (photo credit: FORA DO EIXO/ WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
Carlos Latuff
Brazilian-Lebanese cartoonist Carlos Latuff was slammed by Israeli cartoonist Uri Fink for publishing a cartoon in which members of the IDF search and rescue mission to Brazil are called "Palestinian killers."
In the original cartoon, published in English and Portuguese, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is depicted facing IDF soldiers with bloody hands and blood-soaked boots, as Bolsonaro shakes hands with the first Israeli soldier the man says to him: "Sorry were late! We were busy killing Palestinians!"

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In his Instagram page, Latuff raged against the decision by Brazilian authorities to reject medical aid offered by Cuba and accept aid provided by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who recently visited Brazil.
"The same army that oppress and kill in Palestine," wrote Latuff, "wanna save Brazilian lives but destroy Palestinian ones? Hypocrites!"
Israeli cartoonist of note Uri Fink slammed  Latuff on Monday when he called him " a disgrace to our profession" on social media.
"It is acceptable to criticize a nation’s policies, even harshly," Fink writes, "but when it sends people to help save lives in your country the least you can do is shut the $&@€ up!"
"Obviously he is so completely consumed by hatred that he forgot his responsibility as a cartoonist," Fink wrote.
Fink didn't end there, in a cartoon for the Israeli Cartoon Project, of which he is a member, Fink drew the logical result of Latuff's logic. A little girl is about to be rescued from dying in a mud slide by an IDf soldier when his hand is caught by Latuff himself, who would rather watch the girl die than give up his pro-BDS values for even one moment.
Latuff is known for drawing cartoons which are fiercely, and provocatively, anti-American and anti-Israeli, relaying on the visual history of radical Socialism and Communism portraying Uncle Sam as Hitler and Israelis as Nazis.
Latuff is also critical of white-power movements, depicting their supports as having toilets for brains and called in the past for those supporting Palestinian causes to distance themselves from neo-Nazi supporters.
Deeply venomous towards Israel, Latuff has also created cartoons in which Jews and Palestinian embrace in a gesture of peace and called to fight racists who deny human rights to Jews with the same dedication as the fight against "racists Jews who deny human rights to Palestinians." 
He was also arrested several times for cartoons against Police brutality in Brazil and championed activists working to save the rain forests in that country from being cut-down.