Celebrate the outdoors this summer

This week let’s enjoy the new season and find new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Alexander Beers (photo credit: Courtesy)
Alexander Beers
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A few hot days recently reminded us that summer is coming and it’s time to put on hats, sunscreen and a new pair of sunglasses, crack open a few beers and invite our friends for a barbecue. This week let’s enjoy the new season and find new ways to enjoy the outdoors. 
Party time
Independence Day was the perfect time to open the beer season and sample local beers as well as some imported ones.
Perhaps the best local beer and one that is a favorite in my family is Alexander, which is made in a boutique brewery located near the Alexander River, near Hadera. Alexander beers are the most decorated of all the Israeli beers and won golden medals in the beer Olympics in Germany. We got a special tasting: a six-bottle pack with the brewery’s favorite beers, including Blonde, a light, refreshing and well-balanced lager; Ambree, a French-style beer with reddish color and malt flavors; Israeli Wheat, light, spicy and complex; and Green, a fruity-flavored IPA with 6% alcohol. The price for the sample pack is NIS 50.
Malka is another boutique brewery that is very popular among local beer lovers. Malka boast classic ale brewing methods as well as small quantities. The Galilee brewery launches special editions for Independence Day, adorning the bottles with portraits of past leaders such as Theodor Herzl, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin and David Ben-Gurion. This year the brewery decided to look to nature and placed beautiful drawings of Israeli birds on the bottles, and a description of the bird species.
Krombacher Pils, the #1 selling beer in Germany, is now being distributed in Israel in time for the summer parties. The golden lager beer is perfect served chilled, offering floral flavors and smooth taste. NIS 40 for six bottles or NIS 10 for a 500-ml. can. 
Let’s have a barbecue
Independence Day is the grand opening of the outdoor cooking season and in preparation for the holiday, the Keshet Teamim supermarket chain introduced a new line – Keshet Katatzavim (Keshet Butchery) with barbecue meats that came in very handy during the annual gathering. The line, prepared and packed at the Dabach meat factory under the guidance of Keshet chefs, includes high-quality meats prepared with special attention to detail. The line includes beef and lamb products divided into two categories – minced and skewered meats, frozen and vacuum packed. Look for viaggio burgers, merguez sausages, lamb kebab with or without pistachio and more. In the skewered meats find lamb or veal entrecote ready to be cooked, minute steak and much more. Prices range from NIS 30 for two burgers, to NIS 64.90 for 400-gram lamb skewers. 
Available only at Keshet Teamim stores around the country or at www.keshet-teamim.co.il
Stick it in your makeup bag
Protection against the damage of sun radiation has just become more specific. We all know by now that one has to use sunscreen, protective clothes and sunglasses, but now Lierac, the French premium cosmetic brand, has added a new SPF 50+ tinted eye anti-aging stick that they say will protect the skin in the area from fine lines and spots, while also offering some cover-up. The new Sunissime stick is easy to carry in the makeup bag, suits all skin types and should be applied before every exposure to the sun. NIS 179. 
Available only online at www.lierac.co.il and beuty specialists.
Very shady
It is sunglasses time of year and if I could have it my way I’d have a different pair for each outfit – and I am so very happy to let you know that the new collections of all the big names in sunglasses have hit the stores – and what a temptation it is. 
The Giorgio Armani brand, which has been very sensitive to the issue of environmental responsibility, continues to pursue this approach with Emporio Armani Eyewear, presenting in 2021 a selection of eyewear made with eco-friendly materials. The frames in the collection are all made from 100% recycled materials such as paper and cardboard, in an environmentally friendly process. NIS 713 for sunglasses and NIS 748 for eyeglasses. 
Blue and white: The flag, not the party
In honor of Independence day – I tried on a few blue-and-white frames such as the light blue Ray Ban (NIS 719), and the white Prada (NIS 1,269). But I also looked further ahead and chose to try the new Emporio Armani green pair from a new collection designed especially for Earth Day (April 22).
Summer glow
If you’ve been following this column you already know that one of my favorite cosmetics companies is the New York brand Kiehl’s. I just love their approach, their products (that actually do make a difference), the fact that they give you free skin analysis and their testing policy (they will always give you testers to try at home before purchasing), to mention but a few advantages. So I am always happy to try their new products – and boy do they have new ones now.
To start with, let’s focus on the all new Milk Peel toner – a cleanser based on a new formula containing milk, which also works a gentle peeling lotion. While most peeling lotions may leave skin dull and dry, this one leaves skin relaxed, lighter in color and glowing. Use daily before serum or cream and after cleaning skin. Excellent. NIS 319, available in the Kiehl’s stores, and while there do not forget to ask for a skin analysis appointment – it is so worth it. 
Look for a store near you: www.instagram.com/kiehlsisrael/
New foundation
Even Better Clinical Serum foundation SPF 20 by Clinique is not a foundation, nor is it a serum or a sunscreen – it is all three in one and it works. Summer is a difficult season, especially when the humidity rises and applying serum or hydration, as well as foundation and a sunscreen is not possible, especially for those with oily to combination skin. The New Clinique Even better Clinical Serum foundation with SPF 20 does all three, and not only saves time and money – it makes wearing foundation and sunscreen possible even during hot and humid summer days.
Built with three serum technologies, this oil-free, weightless formula delivers beautifully even coverage and leaves bare skin looking even better. It is packed with Clinique’s exclusive dark spot-fighting molecule UP302, vitamin C, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid, as well as SPF 25 physical sunscreens to help protect skin from future discoloration. According to the company the foundation serum was clinically proven to leave bare skin looking more even, smoother and more plumped.
There’s a patented cap to avoid spillage and the glass bottle can be recycled. There are 42 shades for a perfect match. NIS 189, but if you get it during the month of April, the launching price will be NIS 151. 
For an even better result – use the excellent Even Better All over concealer & eraser. The light gel-like texture, rich pigment and sponge applicator will help”erase” dark circles, redness or spots in no time and will blend perfectly with the foundation, leaving skin looking smooth. Choose one of 30 shades offered in Israel, use either under or over the foundation and do not forget to clean the applicator from time to time. NIS 139. Promotion price during April: NIS 111. 
Available in Pharm stores and online at www.clinique.co.il
Lovey dovey
Dove relaunched two moisture body washes: 1) Olive oil protecting care – a very gentle lotion that softens the skin upon immediately, thanks to a new herbal formula, and 2) the reviving Pomegranate and hibiscus wash, which is very refreshing. I love both – although I prefer the scent of the one with olive oil. The bottle is made from 100% recyclable materials. NIS 24.90.
Smells like spring
Sod has introduced Fresh Control, a new line of softeners with encapsulated perfume and an innovative formula that will neutralize smells keeping your clothes smelling clean for longer. Especially important for the summer, the new softeners come in two scents – Floral Crisp and Cool Fresh. Try them this summer. NIS 13.90 for 900 ml.
Outdoor entertaining
Looking for new outdoor furniture? Keter introduced a new line of “copper” furniture that combines innovative plastic-producing techniques with the new trend of “copper” furniture. The first to be introduced in this line are side tables that fold, making them perfect for entertaining. NIS 149 for a single-tray table and NIS 199 for a double tray table. 
Available in stores and online at il.keter.com
Gluten-free pancakes
With family members sensitive to gluten, we got used to finding solutions and cooking gluten-free dishes. But this Passover it seems that many companies decided that gluten-free is also kosher for Passover and launched many new items, including Procake’s pancake mix, which is not only gluten free, made from whole cereals and contains 34 grams of protein for each 100 gram product, it is also very easy to use. Preparation time is said to be three minutes. It took us longer but not much longer. Rich in protein and low in fat, this is the perfect meal for people on the go and for kids. Just mix with water or milk, heat a pan and voila! For added protein you can add an egg white. NIS 59.90, kosher.
Available in chain stores such as Caffeine, Holmes Place and Go Active and more, as well as online at www.proshape.co.il. 
A sweet tribute
Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream is bringing back their beloved flavor Cherry Garcia – cherry ice cream with cherries and fudge flakes, created as a tribute to guitarist Jerry Garcia and to “Grateful Dead” fans. First launched in 1987, it has been rated as one of the company’s most popular flavors and was introduced in Israel in 1990. Now they are re-introducing the Cherry Garcia flavor here, and we couldn’t be happier. NIS 24.90, available in stores around the country. 
One sock at a time
Washing machines eat socks and this is a scientific fact. Otherwise how can one explain the phenomenon of missing socks? I mean you place pairs into the machines and more often than not – they come out as single ones. Pulliez has come up with the perfect solution, offering four sock boxes for the whole family for only NIS 100. Each pack contains seven identical pairs of socks – all the same color and size in three colors – black, white and grey. There are two sizes to fit all – 24-35 for children, 36-47 for adults – and they do fit. Just pull them out and never worry again about matching pairs. The packs are especially convenient when traveling. 
Available at www.pulliez.co.il.
Don’t throw away your vegetables
How often do you throw away vegetables that have gone bad before you had a chance to eat them? I hate it when it happens but sometimes vegetables turn bad after only one or two days. Apparently the natural gas ethylene is responsible for the accelerated ripening which starts as soon as the fruit is picked and its affect is enhanced in closed places, such as the crisper. Now Organic Zone has introduced the Wonder Egg, which preserves the freshness of produce stored in the refrigerator by absorbing the ethylene. Get the two-egg pack. Each egg is active for three months from opening, after which time you can replace the bag inside the egg. Use the waste as compost for your plants. NIS 27.90 for a package of two wonder eggs. NIS 52 for year’s supply of refills. 
Available in nature stores – Shufersal Green, Nitzat Haduvdevan, Teva Castel, Tiv Ta’am and more.