Children after rocket sirens: We don't want to leave the shelter

"Mommy, I don't feel comfortable at home," said Drier's daughter amid tears. "I want to be here (in the shelter)."

Children take shelter in bunker (photo credit: MAARIV)
Children take shelter in bunker
(photo credit: MAARIV)
A video taken by an Israeli mother of four from Ashkelon shows her children shaking in a bomb shelter as they refused to leave it after rocket sirens were sounded on Tuesday night.
"Why? Why? You don't understand that we'll have more wars?" asks Reut Spielman Drier's daughter in the video posted on Drier's Facebook. "Enough."
"Let's go home," insisted Reut.
"Mommy, I don't feel comfortable at home," responded Drier's daughter amid tears. "I want to be here (in the shelter)."
"How long will we stay here? Everything's ok," said Drier in an attempt to soothe her children.
"I'm scared," responded her daughter. "I want to be here."
When asked by Channel 12 how unusual these types of situations are, Reut responded that "unfortunately, they're not unusual. They happen again and again with every rocket siren. This is the reality we live in."
"It's very frustrating, the gap in the understanding of what is going on here in the south compared to the life that goes on outside the areas with rocket sirens," said Reut to Channel 12 news. 
"In 30 seconds we have to get four children down to a shelter outside the house. Enough, it's impossible to continue with this situation."
The video was filmed about 20 minutes after the rocket siren was sounded and after Reut tried in every way possible to get them back inside the house, according to Channel 12.
"Hey, you all up there, do you hear?? Here in the south we live in an impossible reality!" wrote Reut on Facebook in a post alongside the video.
"In what country in the world do they allow [rockets] to be fired on their citizens???? Which one?? Bibi (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's nickname), with all of your achievements, if there are citizens that live under fear daily you've done nothing!! It's preferable that you go home!! Over ten years you're in power! Enough! There is no one to blame!"
Reut explained to Channel 13 that she took the video to say that "it's unreasonable that someone knows that things are like this [happen] and allows them to continue. I had to catch just a couple of seconds of this so that they'd understand what is happening here."
The mother of four stressed that this isn't just her children dealing with this: it's also children in Sderot and all the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip. "Someone has to yell this out and to demand a solution to this situation," insisted Drier.
Drier explained that she hugs her children and explains to them that they're safe because they have the shelter and the Iron Dome, but added that places like Ashkelon lack shelters in some areas.
On Tuesday night, rocket sirens went off in Sderot and neighboring communities near the Gaza Strip after two rockets were fired from Gaza. The IDF responded by attacking Hamas targets in the Strip, during which sirens were sounded in Ashkelon, although the IDF later confirmed that the siren was a false alarm.