A brunch to boast about

Adora has mastered the mid-morning meal.

Adora restaurant (photo credit: PR)
Adora restaurant
(photo credit: PR)
I‘ve always really liked the atmosphere of Adora in the evening, but this place is really alive for brunch on the weekends. Adora has mastered the morning meal. Nearly every café has an Israeli breakfast on its menu, but only a handful make sure that the ingredients are top quality. Adora is one of these places.
Another of Adora’s advantages is its outdoor seating. There is seating inside, but the outside spaces are by far the favored spots.
After sitting down at a cozy table for two on a lazy Saturday morning, my dining companion and I were eager to try the new Adora brunch special (NIS 99 per person). This includes a hot beverage, a glass of juice, a bread and pastry basket, as well as a wide range of unique breakfast dishes served as smaller tapas type portions. The exciting part of the special is that you can reorder as many items as you like. So as the brunch menu clearly states, it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy!
Our lovely and attentive waitress started by bringing us something sweet in the form of mini pastries, including delicious cinnamon buns. This was followed by Adora’s homemade bread accompanied by three excellent spreads: garlic confit, sun-dried tomato tapenade and a lemony butter. This was followed by liver paté, tuna paté, smoked salmon, a garden salad and two phyllo pastries stuffed with cheese and spinach. Each dish was tastier than the next, especially the smoked salmon, which was topnotch and very fresh. I also really enjoyed the tuna paté, which was very smooth and creamy and did not taste fishy at all.
After enjoying an Americano and orange juice, we were served the shakshuka with eggplant and feta cheese. The shakshuka was seasoned perfectly, and the eggs were cooked just right. This was followed by eggs Benedict. The poached eggs were perfection, fully cooked on the outside and creamy runny goodness on the inside. The brioche they used was a nice twist on the English muffin that is usually used for this dish. There was a generous amount of Hollandaise sauce on top, which made me really happy. It was one of the better sauces I’ve had. We wiped the plates clean with some of the delicious bread.
Next up was pickled beets topped with goat cheese and almonds, which had lots of flavor. The beets were sweet, and the goat cheese was light and fresh. Now clearly by this point, we thought that the meal was coming to an end. But this was not the case, as our waitress appeared with mini omelets in a Parmesan cream, as well as roasted eggplant on a bed of labaneh cheese. The omelets were fluffy and not overcooked.
Clearly bursting by this stage, we decided to forgo the last two dishes, which consisted of a shrimp and calamari salad, as well as masabacha with ground veal, chickpeas, tehina, fresh herbs and tomatoes.
Adora has been an A+ player in Tel Aviv for some time, and now I understand why. Awesome food, quick and friendly service, everything you need for a great breakfast! I must say I can’t wait to go back and try some other items on the menu.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
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