'Fauda' goes global in its fourth season

The season will take place in Lebanon, Brussels, Jenin and Ramle.

 Lior Raz and Lucy Ayoub of 'Fauda.' (photo credit: Elia Spinopolos/Yes)
Lior Raz and Lucy Ayoub of 'Fauda.'
(photo credit: Elia Spinopolos/Yes)

Season four of the hit Israeli series Fauda is going global to Lebanon and Brussels, as well as staying closer to home in Jenin and Ramle.

Those details were revealed in a teaser trailer released on Tuesday at a preview event sponsored by Yes Studios.

One of the most devastating and horrific moments in the internationally acclaimed series took place at the end of season three, which moved its focus from the West Bank and the Jerusalem area to Gaza. But in season four, which will be released in mid-2022, Lior Raz as Doron Kavillio and the rest of his counterterrorism team will move for the first time into Europe and other Middle Eastern countries.

The series, which gets its title from the Arabic word for “chaos,” and which was created by Raz with Avi Issacharoff and produced by Liat Benasuly and Yes TV, deals with Israelis who fight terrorism and the Arab communities where the terrorists live. It has drawn praise for its well-rounded portraits of Arab characters,  as well as criticism for the show’s unabashedly pro-Israel orientation. It was produced by the Yes satellite network in Israel and became an international sensation when it was shown on Netflix.

When the third season was released on the streaming service, it was in the top ten-rated shows in countries all over the world, including in Arab countries such as Lebanon. Many viewers in the West Bank watch it as a kind of guilty pleasure.

In addition to Raz, the new season will also see returning cast members Itzik Cohen (Captain Ayub) Rona-Lee Shimon (Nurit), Idan Amedi (Sagi), Doron Ben David (Steve),  Yaacov Zada Daniel (Eli) and Meirav Shirom (Dana). New actors joining the cast include Inbar Lavi (Lucifer, Imposters) Mark Ivanir (Homeland, Barry), Amir Boutrous (The Crown, Aladdin), television personality Lucy Ayoub and Loai Noufi (Hashoter Hatov, Tyrant).

Noah Stollman returns as the series’ head writer and is joined by Omri Givon (Hostages, When Heroes Fly) who is directing all episodes.