A Window to the Mediterranean

Nahsholim seas-side resort introduces cool winter vacations.

 The Mediterranean Sea. (photo credit: NIR DAVIDZON)
The Mediterranean Sea.
(photo credit: NIR DAVIDZON)

A weekend by the sea can be a lot of fun even when it is too cold to take a dip in the water. The sunset at Nahsholim is always beautiful, and strolling down the beach, climbing the narrow path to the ruins of Tel Dor, an ancient Phoenician port city that was one of the greatest cities along the northern shore, is maybe one of the best ways to start a short weekend here, especially when followed with a drink at the sea-side hub and a relaxing stay in one of the hotel’s rooms or suites. I believe it is certainly a great way to begin the New Year.

Located in a natural bay, known already to our ancient ancestors, Nahsholim looks more like a small sea-side village than a hotel. The small houses scattered on large green lawns with shady trees and manicured flower beds, the rich breakfast and dinner, the special activities and the wonderful view of the Mediterranean, packed together with warm hospitality, make this jewel a favorite among Israelis for summer vacations.

But off-season, when prices are low, it is a completely different experience.

The hotel’s management used the closure months to complete massive renovations in the rooms as well as the Rosemarin restaurant, and start the transformation of what they call a Greek Village, a host of small one-story buildings designed in blue and white with Greek elements.

The beautiful Hub on the beach was turned into an area of calm for guests who can sit by the large windows and work on their computers, sip a drink free of charge and hold small get-togethers. This service, free for hotel guests, is also offered to outside visitors for NIS 80.

 The Nahsholim Resort Hotel on the Mediterranean. (credit: NIR DAVIDZON) The Nahsholim Resort Hotel on the Mediterranean. (credit: NIR DAVIDZON)

The six family two-room units included in the  “Greek village” are perfect for families with kids. The rooms were renovated and each one has a private out-door area with a sitting area. This area is very convenient if you choose to come with friends because it allows the kids to play outside on the lawn between the rooms, while their parents can enjoy time with friends – having drinks, coffee or even barbecuing.

The rooms were redesigned with a Greek Blue-and-white theme, and include a flat-screen TV, espresso machine, fridge, air conditioning, two-sink bathroom and a pampering shower. The rooms are designed to hold up to 5 people – parents in the bedroom and up to three children in the living room.

Another part of the hotel offers 24 pampering suites, both junior and deluxe, with top floor rooms offering an amazing view of the sea, and bottom rooms equipped with private pools.

For those who wish to stay as close to the beach as possible, there are 24 boutique rooms that include a Japanese garden, outdoor shower as well as an indoor luxury bathroom, new espresso machine, exclusive outdoor furniture, LED TV screen and more.

TO ATTRACT guest during the winter months, the hotel has many special offers including upgraded rooms for no extra cost, or a variety of free activities nearby (1 free activity per night reserved) and special romantic offers for couples, including couple massages, horseback riding for two, an organic farm tour, brunch, yoga classes and more.

But the real news of Nahsholim lies elsewhere. Looking for ways to attract families to this beautiful sea-side hotel during the winter, the hotel’s management came up with a few theme-weekends, tailored for different crowds, that will surely fill up the rooms even when it is cold outside.

For the end-of-year weekend the hotel holds a Yoga weekend with Chen Shemesh-Samuela. The guests are invited to deepen their knowledge of Yoga, meditation and mindfulness, work-life balance, minimalism and more.

Another exciting option is for young parents. The hotel offers a restart weekend for parents and babies including professional baby-sitters and child caregivers that will take care of the babies during the night while tired sleep deprived parents enjoy a good night sleep in a beautiful room facing the Mediterranean. There are special workshops and talks about babies’ sleep habits, nursing and other parenting issues.

Yet another workshop theme addresses the complicated relationship between mothers and teen daughters. This offer is for moms and their bat mitzvah daughters. Moms who had already been to this very special weekend say it was the most intense experience they had with their daughter. The idea came out of necessity.

This “date with your daughter” allows both mother and child to spend time away from the daily pressure. The rich program offers many fun and emotionally charged activities that open new communication paths between mothers and their daughters. The next ‘connected weekend’ in Nahsholim will take place April 7-8.

Other weekends include bike and horseback riding specials and more.

The writer was a guest of the hotel. For more information call (04)6399533 or go to https://www.nahsholim.co.il/en/