Bare bones: Israeli collaboration takes jewelry design back to nature

New jewelry line, Autumn Cannibalism, combines raw materials with decadent metals and jewels, creating contrast and pushing the limits of creative design.

Autumn Cannibalism jewelry line by Alon Livne and  Efrat Cassouto (photo credit: Courtesy)
Autumn Cannibalism jewelry line by Alon Livne and Efrat Cassouto
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The great Israeli landscape and natural environment is the inspiration for the new collaborative Israeli jewelry line, Autumn Cannibalism.  Released last week, Israeli designers Alon Livne and Efrat Cassouto co-created Autumn Cannibalism, a jewelry line combining natural, unrefined materials with decadent metals and jewels.  Modeled by the Batsheva Dance Company, the jewelry designs pop against the lyrical bodies of the dancers.
Livne's designs have traveled far and wide, his label donned by famous and talented artists from Beyoncé to Lady Gaga. Getting his start at the young age of 17, Linve trained in world-renowned fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli. His sculptural and bold creations were recognized and celebrated at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week in February 2013.  His bridal line, Alon Livne White, is incredibly popular for contemporary brides everywhere.
When asked by the Jerusalem Post how Livne came up with the idea for Autumn Cannibalism, he said, “I like to go out camping whenever I have a free weekend. Nature has always been a great part of my inspiration.  Bones and skeletons are part of the nature cycle and its amazing aesthetics.”
Livne has always been one to take risks. In the Israeli version of Project Runway, “Proyekt Maslul,” he won first place for his daring color choices paired with organic shapes evoking modernity.
Livne’s favorite piece from Autumn Cannibalism is “The face mask [because] in this collection we wanted to work free of commercial limitations, and this piece totally resembles that.”
This is far from the last collaboration.  He says he is “always excited to collaborate with other artists,” and has collaborated with Castro in the past, bringing his high-end styles to the masses.
When asked about his favorite part of his job, Livne mentioned “The feeling of connecting the existing elements to create something new.”
The collection includes necklaces, collars, bracelets, earrings, masks and gloves. All pieces include skulls and bones in plated brass, originally made of animal bone. Some of the bones are coated in 14 carat gold and silver, and studded with red Swarovski jewels.
The collection is sold in the store Cassuto Efrat Tel Aviv 18 Rambam Street and online.