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(photo credit: NEIL KRUG)
Simon Green, more commonly known by his stage name Bonobo, will be performing at Tel Aviv’s Convention Center (Ganei Hata’arucha) on February 21 on his worldwide Migration Tour.
This will mark the British-born artist’s first time performing his original work in Israel, accompanied by a full band and backup vocalists.
With a career spanning nearly two decades, Bonobo has released six full-length studio albums that mix genres ranging from jazz and funk to soul, folk and house and blends them into a unique style of electronic atmospheric melodies.
Collaborating with a number of singers and musicians such as Erykah Badu, Rhye and Adriana Triana, Bonobo continues to push the boundaries of contemporary electronic music.
Once influenced by these genres, his work has grown to help set the course of electronic down-tempo music today.
His most recent album, Migration, which was released in January 2017, earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Electronic Album and has been hailed by critics as his most sophisticated work to date. The album takes the listener on a contemplative and soothing musical journey that has an overall wistful and melancholic feel to it. This could be attributed to the album’s being partly inspired by his experiences being on tour, as well as mourning the death of a family member. Either way, it’s a mature and evolved example of down-tempo electronic music.
A noted DJ and producer, Bonobo has performed his DJ sets throughout the world and released a number of remix albums and EPs.
Bonobo performed for the first time in Israel in 2015 when he played a sold-out DJ set at Tel Aviv’s The Block.
Following the February 21 show in Tel Aviv, his tour will continue in the Middle East with shows in Dubai and Beirut.
The Migration Tour, which kicked off shortly after the album’s release, has taken Bonobo across five continents, performing in hundreds of venues and music festivals, including Coachella in California. The 2018 tour has shows scheduled in cities throughout the US, Europe, Australia and Japan.
Bonobo will perform on February 21 at the Convention Center (Ganei Hata’arucha) in Tel Aviv.