Emma Watson launches second phase of famous gender equality campaign in Davos

The Harry Potter actress has done it again by taking Davos by storm with her pro-gender equality speech.

Emma Watson addresses the World Economic Forum
Emma Watson has certainly come a long way since Harry Potter.
Following her brave and articulate address at the UN last September where she launched the HeForShe campaign – a movement for gender equality which aims to enlist men in the effort to empower and support women worldwide – Watson spoke to policymakers at the Davos World Economic Forum about how that groundbreaking imitative can be expanded.
On Friday, Watson announced the beginning of the Impact 10x10x10 program that will usher HeForShe into its next phase of implementation.
“Women share this planet 50/50 and they are under-represented, their potential astonishingly untapped. We are very excited to be launching 10x10x10 to bring HeForShe into its next phase,“ Watson said.
Impact 10x10x10 is targeted to those who were moved by HeForShe, but need concrete examples as to how they can truly bring about global change when it comes to women’s rights.
“The ‘what now’ is down to you,” Watson said, addressing the millions who signed the HeForShe petition and are looking for the next concrete steps that can be taken. “What are your stories?” Who have been your mentors?,” Watson asked, invoking the husbands with female partners, CEOS with female subordinates and others who have daily opportunities to ensure that women are given the same chances as their male counterparts.
Impact 10x10x10 is about a “concrete commitment to change and the visibility of those commitments and measurability of them too,” Watson explained.
Watson, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, sent shockwaves throughout the Internet when HeForShe was announced four months ago. Her speech resulted in 11 million views on YouTube, 1.2 billion social media conversations and ignited a fiery dialogue about gender equality and what men’s involvement in that cause.