Getting cosy with Cody Chesnutt

American R&B/soul artist Cody Chesnutt will be bringing his retro sounds and vibes to Tel Aviv’s Barby Club on October 23.

(photo credit: SHREE R. SWANN)
Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Chesnutt began performing at the age of 20, exploring his musical sound as a mixture of rock and southern soul. He formed the band The Crosswalk in 1996 and their debut album, Venus Loves a Melody, earned them a record deal with Hollywood Records, but they were dropped before the album could be released.
Cody decided to go it alone and put his mind to his debut solo album The Headphone Masterpiece.
The album was released in 2002 and featured the hit single “The Seed” which, when covered by Grammy Award winners The Roots as “The Seed 2.0,” promoted Cody and his music to a whole new audience; the album was also nominated for the Shortlist Music Prize.
In 2006, Chesnutt appeared in the music documentary Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, with his song “Parting Ways.”
Over the next several years, Chesnutt continued to split his time between touring and taking time off to be with his family. In 2017, he returned with the Anthony “Twilite Tone” Kahn-produced My Love Divine Degree.
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