Hadas Ophrat wins Israel Prize for ‘paving way’ in arts

The other members of the prize committee included Naomi Fortis and Guy Biran.

Hadas Ophrat (photo credit: OPHRAT.ORG)
Hadas Ophrat
(photo credit: OPHRAT.ORG)
Hadas Ophrat will be awarded the Israel Prize for the performing arts in theater and dance, the Education Ministry said Thursday.
Education Minister Naftali Bennett approved the recommendation of the prize committee headed by Diti Ronen and offered his praise.
The other members of the prize committee included Naomi Fortis and Guy Biran.
In its decision, the committee said Ophrat is “an excellent and unique creative artist in his artistic and social style and positions.”
“His artistic activities redefine, time after time, the specific field of theater and the performing arts in general.
His interdisciplinary work, which at its core is performance art, works in dialogue with varying and diverse artistic fields, with communities and social environment, with different spaces including public spaces, with areas of knowledge and research and with genres that usually are not included within the boundaries of art,” the prize committee wrote.
The committee also noted that Ophrat has been instrumental in founding and managing numerous significant and influential cultural institutions including the Train Theater, the School of Visual Theater, the Hazira Performance Arts Arena – all in Jerusalem – and the International Festival for Puppet Theater.
“For the past three decades, with modesty and artistic and social commitment, Hadas Ophrat has paved the unique way from Jerusalem to Israel and to the world, as an artist, as an entrepreneur, as a manager, as a student and as a teacher, and is a beacon and source of influence on generations of artists and spectators,” they wrote.
The Israel Prize is largely regarded as the state’s highest honor. It is presented annually on Independence Day in a state ceremony in Jerusalem in the presence of the president, the prime minister, the Knesset speaker and the Supreme Court president.