Intimate and Italian

Beccafico brings an authentic taste of Rome to Tel Aviv

Beccafico (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s Neveh Tzedek, Beccafico gives you the feeling of being in Rome.
The interior design is much like the restaurant itself – classy, warm and Italian-style, yet modern. The tables on the narrow patio outside are great perches for people-watching.
Much of the menu is seasonal and local. It consists of homemade pasta, pizza, fish and meat, as well as vegetarian items.
For starters, we began with a buratta and cherry tomato salad.
Burrata, meaning “buttery” in Italian, is fresh cheese made from a mix of mozzarella and cream. Once we split it open, the interior was soft, creamy and rich.
Up until now, my pizza quest in Israel has not succeeded very well. I remain dissatisfied with the fare offered by dairy restaurants and pizza chains. I desire the dedication and attention of a true Italian food lover, and I feel that finally one restaurant in Tel Aviv may be what I’ve been looking for.
The Beccafico pizza (NIS 56) was what I had been waiting for. What I noticed about this pizza in particular was the crust. Most places these days focus only on the outside crust, which is good, but they forget the center of the pizza, where the crust is thin and can be undercooked. Not the case here. The crust was crisp and cooked perfectly throughout, and the fresh toppings were applied afterward. The tomatoes were very fresh and seasoned to perfection. With thin slices of spinach and tons of beautiful cheese, both mozzarella and goat cheese, it was wonderful.
In between appetizers, our waiter appeared with an extensive wine list.
After asking whether we liked red or white, he gave his recommendation.
We opted for the Merlot from Dalton Winery.
For the main course, we started with the chestnut gnocchi (NIS 69). It was wonderful. The pasta had a nice sweetness to it from the chestnuts (I’m a big fan of sweet tones in savory dishes). And the gnocchi, which were light and airy and simply melted in the mouth, were served with a generous amount of sautéed champignon and portobello mushrooms and truffle butter.
This was followed by the oxtail papardelle (NIS 78). The pasta, with is spectacular consistency, was a divine match for the tangy and meaty oxtail.
The oxtail, generously strewn throughout, was soft and succulent.
This dish was prepared with some serious amore. Perfection.
Next up was the sirloin steak (NIS 94), served on a bed of creamy spinach. The fillet, sliced into smaller pieces, was superb and done exactly medium rare.
For dessert, we had a delectable chocolate mousse crunch. However in the end, the tiramisu (NIS 40) came out tops. It was a truly heavenly mix of coffee-flavored cookies and sweet cream with a hint of mascarpone.
Completing the meal with a shot of espresso, my dining companion and I agreed that the service was fantastic – the staff were incredibly fast, helpful and patient. If you’re looking for an uber-quaint Italian experience to whisk you away from your daily worries, Beccafico may well be the place.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Beccafico Not kosher 49 Shabazi Street, Tel Aviv (03) 602-1111