Israeli pop stars Static and Ben-El tour America with hit single

The infectious Brazilian-style 'Tudo Bom' is getting an English makeover for the duo's US debut.

Static and Ben El (photo credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH)
Static and Ben El
(photo credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH)
Last year one could hear "Tudu Bom" blasting from coffee shops and car stereos throughout Israel. Now the Israeli pop duo behind the hit is releasing an English version of the song in the United States on Thursday.
Static and Ben-El, the young pop musicians, are credited with having the most-watched Israeli music video in history, with over 54 million views on YouTube, and over one million followers on social media. Their other pop tunes have amassed an almost equal number of hits.
The duo is currently in the United States to promote its new single and has been featured on several talk shows. 

The Brazilian style song "Tudo Bom" means "everything is good" in Portuguese, or "kol b'seder" as the duo translates the song in their original version. 

Leeraz "Static" Rousseau was adopted by an Israeli couple as a baby with his original birth country unknown, although Brazil is a possibility, according to the family.
Ben-El Tavori is the son of famous Yemenite-Israeli singer Shimi Tavori, who had a string of hits in the late 1970s and 1980s. He was Israel's contestant in the 1993 Eurovision contest. 
The producer behind the successful duo is Yarden “Jordi” Peleg, winner of several ACUM awards, a prize given for literature and music. 
The North American release of their single was also produced by Peleg.