It’s the best medicine

Comedy for Koby, the biannual stand-up comedy fund-raising tour for The Koby Mandell Foundation, returns this month.

Comedian Vinnie Favorito (photo credit: Courtesy)
Comedian Vinnie Favorito
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Laugh tracks won’t be necessary as three Hollywood comedians perform in support of the Koby Mandell Foundation.
Hosted by Comedy for Koby founder Avi Liberman, the roster features Kira Soltanovich (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), Brad Upton (opening act for the late Joan Rivers and Johnny Mathis) and Vinnie Favorito (headlines his own show on the Las Vegas Strip at Flamingo Hilton). This year the tour will again include Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ra’anana, Beit Shemesh, Modi’in and Gush Etzion.
The biannual comedy showcase raises funds for the Koby Mandell Foundation, founded by Sherri and Rabbi Seth Mandell to benefit people affected by terrorism after their son, Koby, was killed by terrorists near their home in Tekoa in May 2001.
Right after last month’s terror attack in Har Nof in Jerusalem, Liberman was asked if they were going to cancel the shows. He posted on Facebook: “The shows we do in Israel are not just so we can go on a great trip, hopefully give a lot of people some laughs, and give comics a taste of what Israel really is, as opposed to what they see in the media. It also helps raise money for children who have been victims of tragedy, like the 26 children who lost their fathers in yesterday’s attack. It’s not lost on me, the comics, or anyone who works on the shows. So, to answer the question, yes we are still coming. We don’t cancel. Period. End of story.”
The Comedy for Koby tour begins December 8 and runs through till December 15. For more information and tickets visit