On cloud nine at 6th Bistro

This romantic dining experience transports you to France.

6th Bistro restaurant (photo credit: PR)
6th Bistro restaurant
(photo credit: PR)
First and foremost, 6th Bistro is the epitome of a romantic little spot. It almost feels like you’re not in Tel Aviv but in some quaint bistro outside of Paris. Even the waiters have authentic accents that you can’t quite understand but you appreciate, as it adds to the experience.
The cozy, elegant dining room is decorated with items from France that contribute to the intimate ambience and make the restaurant a perfect setting for a romantic meal. A feeling of privacy and seclusion is created, as the tables are spaced well apart. There’s a lovely outdoor terrace in the front, filled with tables and chairs for al fresco dining, in addition to the main dining area and long bar inside.
French-trained Israeli chef Amir Markowitz combines the finest in locally sourced ingredients with accents of French cuisine.
We started our meal with the salade Nicoise (NIS 46), which was not only presented beautifully but tasted as good as it looked. The seared ahi tuna was perfectly seasoned, and the vegetables were very fresh.
This was followed by a beet carpaccio (NIS 48), which was a gorgeous deep red color, looking almost like a beef carpaccio. It came with a tangy vinaigrette but wasn’t overdressed and was scattered with some mild blue cheese. I always appreciate when chefs don’t try to overdo certain dishes that allow the produce to shine.
But let’s talk about the real winner here: the Luxembourg salad (NIS 45). It consisted of greens, endive, pears soaked in red wine, goat cheese and almonds in a honey mustard vinaigrette. It was light, fresh and delicious. All the ingredients complemented each other wonderfully. This salad would keep me coming back.
After a bit of a breather, it was on to the mains. First up was sweet potato ravioli (NIS 79). The raviolis were large, and the filling had a nice texture and consistency to it. The sweet potato tasted fresh, and the serving size was just right.
This was followed by the 250-gr. entrecote (NIS 115) served with fries and a creamy pepper sauce.
The entrecote was absolutely delicious. Medium-rare, it was perfectly cooked with the right amount of juicy tenderness on the inside and charred crispiness on the outside.
We ordered hot drinks and took another breather. Then came dessert. We were pleasantly surprised by the hazelnut cinnamon Pavlova (NIS 39) with vanilla mascarpone cream and espresso ganache. The Pavlova was light and fluffy with the tiniest hint of crunch around the edges, like a good Pavlova should be. We were served a dark chocolate mousse with creme brulee, which was extremely rich and flavorful.
All in all, it was a superb culinary experience, highly recommended for a special lunch or dinner. The food served was not what one would normally prepare at home; however, 6th Bistro’s feel is comfortable and homey. This provides all the more reason to dine out – a definite plus in my book.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
6th Bistro Not kosher 110 Jabotinsky, Tel Aviv Tel: (03) 696-8581