Putter around with art in Bat Yam

Putter around with art in Bat Yam (photo credit: GONI RISKIN)
Putter around with art in Bat Yam
(photo credit: GONI RISKIN)
In their own way, a lot of miniature golf courses – with their twisting layouts, devious obstacles and over-the-top designs – can be considered art. Even if their sole purpose is to encourage tourists to pay to knock a ball around.
But this summer The Bat Yam Museum for Contemporary Art decided to take the idea of minigolf as art even further by hiring artists for its latest exhibition, “Mini Golf Bat Yam,” an art show that completely integrates a miniature golf course.
Eight artists including Ruti De Vries, Efrat Nir, Lali Fruheling and Gabriel Klasmer were commissioned by curator Elad Rosen to create artwork that will be playable. The course runs between one sculpture to another, as each acts as both artwork and putting station. Visitors can putt the ball into the hole, and continue to the next sculpture. Be sure to head over to the Bat Yam Museum to test your mini-golf skills and enjoy some impressive art along the way.
Admission is free. The exhibit runs until October 10. The museum is located at 6 Struma Street, Bat Yam. For more info visit moby.org.il