Renée Zellweger responds to Twitter’s shock at her current appearance

“I’m glad folks think I look different,” the star told People Magazine.

ACTRESS RENEE ZELLWEGER poses at the 21st annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles (photo credit: REUTERS)
ACTRESS RENEE ZELLWEGER poses at the 21st annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Renée Zellweger attended the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills on Monday. Her picture was taken, and the Internet went insane.
Zellweger, 45, looks noticeably different than she did during her Bridget Jones days, when she was 31. This is not surprising. Most people look different as they age. People flocked to Twitter, however, to express their complete shock at Zellweger’s current appearance.
“What the hell happened Renee Zellweger’s face? Terrifying... ,” @_KittyBoo_ said.
“I hate that we get all in a tizz over what celebrities look like, but Renee Zellweger’s face has been tripping me out for an hour now,” @ hipsterocracy said.
You could search for Renée Zellweger on Twitter and find hundreds, if not thousands, of comments like these. Many people claim Zellweger’s appearance is due to botched plastic surgery. Others are merely confused as to how the Zellweger photographed Monday could possibly be the same Zellweger from Bridget Jones’s Diary. There are a few, though, who defend Zellweger’s new appearance, or at least let the Internet know her appearance is no one else’s business.
“I don’t understand what Renee Zellweger’s face has to do with any of us?” @neutze said.
“Remember when you’re tweeting about Renée Zellweger/anyone: a person’s body is theirs and your opinion means nothing,” @ tweeteuan said.
In a statement to People Magazine, Zellweger said she is addressing the massive social media response because “it seems the folks who come digging around for some nefarious truth which doesn’t exist won’t get off my porch until I answer the door.
“I’m glad folks think I look different!” Zellweger continued. “I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows. My friends say that I look peaceful.
I am healthy.”
Zellweger isn’t the first actress to face claims of a botched plastic surgery. Meg Ryan, Jennifer Grey, Daryl Hannah and countless others have also dealt with the Internet’s often unkind reaction to changes in their appearance.