Shohat, Sharabi and Chopin

Gil Shohat and Idan Sharabi celebrate the work of Chopin through music and dance.

Gil Shohat  (photo credit: TALIA SAVION)
Gil Shohat
(photo credit: TALIA SAVION)
For one of the most celebrated composers of all time, Frederik Chopin performed a surprisingly small number of times.
In 18 years of active creation, Chopin took the stage on less than three dozen occasions, preferring the privacy of his home to public arenas. In spite of his own shyness, Chopin’s voice was heard loudly, articulated beautifully via black and white piano keys. In the century plus since his death, Chopin has been heard on stages around the world, interpreted by hundreds of musicians. This weekend, his music will come to life not only through the caress of ivory but through the bodies of dancers.
Shohat, Sharabi, Chopin
, a performance created by composer, conductor and musician Gil Shohat and dancer and choreographer Idan Sharabi, will premiere tonight at Warehouse 2 in Jaffa.
Shohat is one of the leading voices in classical music in Israel. He has composed nine symphonies, 11 concertos, four operas and more than 50 chamber pieces. He serves as artistic adviser for several annual festivals, such as the Red Sea International Classical Music Festival and the Israel Festival. He is the musical director of the Maestro Festival, which takes place in Ein Hod. Shohat is a visiting lecturer at dozens of universities in Israel and abroad and performs tirelessly throughout the year.
Sharabi is considered one of the most promising young choreographers in Israel. He studied at the Julliard School and went on to dance for the Netherlands Dance Theater and the Batsheva Dance Company. Throughout his career as a dancer, he choreographed solos performances. In 2006, his creations began to rack up prizes, such as first place at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, The Hannover International Choreography Competition and The Zeraspe Award.
He has been commissioned to create works for international dance companies such as the Danish Dance Theater, NDT II, the Royal Danish Ballet and Ballet Luzern. In 2012, Sharabi founded Idan Sharabi & aDancers, for which he has created Joni Solo Series, 3Works, Adar, Makom and We Men.
Shohat and Sharabi have met on stage in the past. The artists created Scheherazade, an evening that celebrated of the end of Shimon Peres’s term as president.
Several months ago, Shohat and Sharabi met again, this time to discuss a new production. They decided to devote their attention to the works of Chopin. Shohat drew from his wealth of knowledge of the composer’s compositions, while Sharabi let his mind flow to movement.
The evening consists of 10 sections, most of which will be performed by Shohat, Sharabi and dancers Noa Mamrud, Dor Mamalia, Ema Yuasa and Dafna Dudovich. Shohat alone will perform three of the sections: Fountains, Nocturnes and Mourning.
The musical selections were made to show the diversity of Chopin’s body of work, as well as the dynamic capabilities of Sharabi and his dancers.
The meeting of movement and music in Shohat, Sharabi, Chopin is sure to offer a new perspective on Chopin’s work.
Shohat, Sharabi, Chopin will take place on January 23 at 9:30 p.m. at Warehouse 2 in Jaffa. For more information, visit