‘Soap’ sets out to bubble up in Tel Aviv

(photo credit: REINHARD BICHSEL)
As bathtubs become playgrounds for contorting performers, Soap – the Show will challenge the way you see the humble ceramic tub.
The show is the latest creation of the German performance acrobatics group Circle of Eleven, who are well-known for their approach to challenging gravity.
Featuring an amazing company of jugglers, dance trapeze artists and aerialists who perform incredible feats, this “cleansing” theatrical performance demonstrates the beauty and strength of the human form.
The show comes to Israel fresh from a sell-out season at the Sydney Opera House and hugely successfully run at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
This bath-themed circus show has been described as “refreshingly fun,” “exciting” and “sensuous,” and features a strange marriage of elements that work together creating a new art form.
A stunning series of water-soaked acts take place to an eclectic soundtrack, incorporating features of pop, blues and rock, that includes the music of Mika, Sia, Tool, Gnarls Barkley and Goldfrapp.
There’s also Soap’s very own gorgeous diva, American opera singer Patricia Holtzmann.
Circle of Eleven is a creative platform from Germany, known for producing innovative, entertaining shows. The company specializes in developing sophisticated show concepts that combine various artistic forms into single, dramatic works.
The show will run from October 27-31 at the Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv. Tickets can be purchased via: http://bimotglobal.co.il/en/portfolio/soap/