The circus is coming!

For the first time, the Royal Chinese Circus will perform in Israel

Chinese Circus  (photo credit: Courtesy)
Chinese Circus
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Praised as one of the best circuses in the world, The Royal Chinese Circus will perform in here during Sukkot. Known as one of the most masterful and exciting contemporary circuses, audiences are treated to extraordinary Chinese circus arts with each performance. 50 Chinese artists including acrobats, stunt performers, dancers and actors, former members of Cirque du Soleil will execute the most dangerous and complex routines seen by the public. Among other things, the show combines kung fu, the lion’s dance, plate spinners, diabolos, aerial silks, singing pieces from Chinese opera and more.
Currently on tour in Disney parks throughout the US, the Royal Chinese Circus will hold 10 performances during Sukkot; October 5-7 at Menorah Mivtachim in Tel Aviv and October 8-10 at Heichal Romema, Haifa.
The show is brought to Israel by producer Udi Appelbaum.
Ticket sales begin on Friday, August 4 at the Lan site for performances in Tel Aviv and at the Barak box office for the Haifa performances.
Tickets range from NIS 99 to NIS 149. Tickets for Bitan and Mega Ba’Ir are also available especially attractive prices from NIS 49.90 to NIS 69.90.