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Rabin remembered, and Carrie, Alicia and "The Affair" are here.

YES Docu TV shows (photo credit: PR)
YES Docu TV shows
(photo credit: PR)
Erez Laufer’s Rabin in His Own Words, the movie that won the Best Israeli Documentary award at the recent Haifa International Film Festival, will be shown on YES Docu in two parts this month, on October 20 and 21 at 9 p.m. The film will also be shown on YES VOD.
Many previous documentaries about prime minister Rabin have focused on his death and his murderer, so it is fitting that just before the 20th anniversary of his assassination, his memory will be celebrated with a movie that focuses on the man and his life.
They’re back! The new seasons of the shows so many of us have waited for are here, so here’s the scoop.
Months ago, it was reported that The Affair, which focuses on a romance between two married people, would feature the perspectives of more characters.
In the first season, each episode focused on the same (or a very similar) sequence of events told from the point of view of Noah (Dominic West, who played McNulty on The Wire), the man in the couple, and Alison (Ruth Wilson), the woman. Episode One of Season Two breaks this tradition.
The first part is still told from Noah’s point of view, but the second half of the episode focuses on Helen (Maura Tierney), his soon-to-be ex-wife. Together, the couple haggle about their child custody arrangements with an obnoxious mediator – and the two have vastly different recollections of what happens in this session. Separately, Noah meets with his editor, who wants a more sensational ending for his new novel, and then has an idyllic dinner with Alison.
Helen has reconnected with her college friend Max (Josh Stamberg), a venture capitalist who has always carried a torch for her. Helen has to cope with her miserable kids and her shallow, self-absorbed but funny superrich mother (Kathleen Chalfant).
The framing device of the series – that Noah is being interrogated as a suspect in a murder – now has more focus and detail, although there is less mystery, since the victim’s identity was revealed late last season.
But the answer to the key question – Is the series still fun? – is a resounding yes. A new location – the house on Long Island where Noah is writing – has been added, and the real estate in this show is so gorgeous it sometimes outshines the characters. Next week, we can expect an episode that concentrates on Alison and her husband, Cole (Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek and Fringe).
The Affair airs on HOT Plus on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. and is available on HOT VOD.
Season Five of Homeland got off to a relatively slow start, with Carrie (Claire Danes) working in Berlin as the security coordinator of a Bill Gates-like, do-good mogul (Sebastian Koch, who starred in the film The Lives of Others). She is trying to live a normal life, even throwing her daughter a birthday party with balloon animals.
The extremely topical storyline is that the mogul wants to visit a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon to encourage other billionaires to open their pockets. Carrie, being Carrie, knows that she has to clear the visit with Hezbollah to ensure the mogul’s safety. Meanwhile, Saul (Mandy Patinkin) has to cope with a breach of the Internet at the Berlin CIA office. Quinn is still around, up to his usual Jason Bourne-like antics.
Carrie’s latest love interest is played by Alexander Fehling, who stars in the new Israeli film Atomic Falafel and was in the movie Labyrinth of Lies. He and Claire Danes look great together.
Homeland airs on Mondays at 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. on YES Oh and on YES VOD.
Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) is gone, apparently for good, but The Good Wife still got off to a great start.
Peter (Chris Noth) is running for president, and he hires a political consultant (Margo Martindale) who is so cunning that she fires Eli Gold (Alan Cumming), who does not go gentle into retirement.
Alicia works in bond court and meets a tough lawyer (Cush Jumbo), who will be her new buddy now that Kalinda is gone.
The Good Wife airs on YES Drama at 10 p.m. and YES VOD.