Tom Jones brings his brand of old school charm to Tel Aviv

The legendary singer was a smash hit at his concert in Tel Aviv.

Tom Jones Glastonbury 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Tom Jones Glastonbury 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Sir Tom Jones, in his performance in Tel Aviv, proved to the audience that despite being 77 and gray-haired for several years now, he is still a successful singer who has the endurance to hold a crowd captive for a 90-minute show. Jones is still able to hit the standard of professionalism he’s set for himself for the past five decades.
The consummate performer showed up on time, without delay. He began with a big bow to the huge crowd that greeted him at Tel Aviv’s Menorah Mivtachim Arena. He earned brownie points with the crowd after mentioning that he visited Jerusalem for the first time and enjoyed his visit to the Holy City very much.
He began to sing his songs when the audience joined him in applause, with the third song earning him a standing ovation.
The legendary singer did not forget to mention Leonard Cohen, who recently passed away, and performed one of his songs.
In the middle of the performance, he sang to the audience “Yiddishe Maman” followed by his big hit “Delilah.” With the audience’s average age leaning towards an older crowd, most in attendance were able to follow along easily with these old classics . With his booming voice, which may not even need a microphone at all, and his hips, which were constantly in motion, he made sure the audience got their money’s worth.
There is no doubt that Sir Tom Jones is a ball full of energy. His direct connection with the audience and their love for him in return made evening a memorable night for all. If The Jerusalem Post published one-word concert reviews, the one for this one would simply read: WOW.
Thank you, Sir Tom Jones.