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Winter wonderland, here I come.

Rimonim Neveh Ativ (photo credit: BEN FRIEDMAN)
Rimonim Neveh Ativ
(photo credit: BEN FRIEDMAN)
Picture this: Tired, hungry and willing to kill for a hot, steamy shower, you’re heading back from a long day on the ski slopes. Aching for the perfect place to lay down your weary head, what would you do? (A) Wait until you get home (after all, we’re not talking about hundreds of kilometers – it’s still our tiny little country) or (B) Book yourself into a nice nearby hotel (ski season has officially opened!).
Hmm, I’ll go for B, please. Winter wonderland, here I come… So, yes, as expected from a gal who’s just can’t wait to show off with her latest fashionable purchases, I went for B – my very own cabin. I packed my chic new purple suitcase, winter gear and, of course, my lovely boyfriend. The place of choice: Rimonim Hotel Hermon Holiday Village.
Situated in the heart of a peaceful nature reserve, at the foot of Mount Hermon and overlooking the stunning views of the Golan Heights, Rimonim Neveh Ativ is more than just a perfect spot for ski lovers.
Guests staying at Rimonim Neveh Ativ can enjoy a heated pool, a game room (if kids are part of the deal), good food and a spa that includes a sauna, hot tub and a host of body treatments. All in the comfort of your own cozy cabin.
The hotel features 44 wooden cottages or, as I like to call them, cabins. It sounds better that way, don’t you think? To be clear, the cabins were one of my favorite attractions during our weekend stay.
Upon our arrival, the heating was already on, which made it perfect to begin with. Wine ready to drink and fresh flowers were on the table. There was even a card telling us to have a great stay. It was like being hugged by a house. I mean, cabin. Inside was comfortingly intimate, but not too hokey. Some of the cottages can accommodate up to five adults. There’s a tiny mezzanine where the kids can stay, which is very cute. As we don’t have kids, we turned it into our cardplaying room.
Guests can enjoy buffet-style meals at the hotel’s restaurant. The food itself is quite simple but good – kind of comfort food. We had a tasty makluba for lunch and stuffed chicken for dinner.
The breakfast had everything you need for a proper morning meal – coffee, omelet, vegetables and more.
After hitting the slopes most of the day like us, guests can avail themselves of the hotel’s many forms of relaxation, such as soaking in a hot tub. But if you’re into a family vacation or a romantic retreat, there is plenty to do. Whether it’s the Banyas Nature Reserve or the De Carina Chocolate Factory in Ein Zivan, you won’t be bored.
For skiers, families, couples or anyone who wants a peaceful weekend away from the chaos of the city, this is an ideal spot.
The writer was a guest of the hotel.
Rimonim Neveh Ativ
Moshav Neveh Ativ
North Golan
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