Trivia Quiz: Double your pleasure

Test your wits with the Jerusalem Post quiz.

A scene from the 1984 thriller Body Double, starring Melanie Griffith (photo credit: Courtesy)
A scene from the 1984 thriller Body Double, starring Melanie Griffith
(photo credit: Courtesy)
As February is the second month of the secular calendar, the theme of this quiz is “second,” “two,” ”double” and other variations thereof.
1. Who co-starred in the 1967 British comedy-drama Two for the Road?
2. Who co-starred in the 1962 romantic drama film Two for the Seesaw?
3. In children’s literature, what were the names of the two sets of Bobbsey twins?
4. Who were the two co-writers of the screenplay for the 1944 film noir Double Indemnity, which starred Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck?
5. Who directed and co-wrote the 1990-91 cult classic TV series Twin Peaks?
6. What were the first names of the rock ’n’ roll singing duo The Everly Brothers?
7. What are the names of the two moons of the planet Mars?
8. What is diplopia?
9. Who was the second prime minister of Canada?
10. Who starred in the 1966 science-fiction drama film Seconds, wherein a secret organization called the Company helps unhappy wealthy people disappear and create new lives?
11. What are the twin cities of the US state of Minnesota?
12. Who was the author of the 1837 two-volume collection of short stories titled Twice-Told Tales?
13. What ballroom dance is usually danced to the rhythm of the song “Tea for Two”?
14. According to the expression, if two is company, what is three?
15. Who played the title role in the 1976 Brazilian comedy film Dona Flora and Her Two Husbands?
16. In North American slang, how much money is two bits?
17. What is the metaphor used for something that may have both favorable and unfavorable consequences?
18. What two unlikely actors played fraternal siblings separated at birth in the 1988 comedy film Twins?
19. Who wrote the 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities?
20. What item is a two-by-four?
21. What singer popularized the 1952 song “Takes Two to Tango”?
22. What card game features the hand two pair or two of a kind?
23. Who directed the 1984 thriller Body Double, starring Melanie Griffith?
24. Who played the dual role of identical twins in the 1961 Disney film The Parent Trap?
25. What is the meaning of the term “to go Dutch”?
1. Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn
2. Robert Mitchum and Shirley MacLaine
3. Bert and Nan; Flossie and Freddie
4. Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler
5. David Lynch
6. Don and Phil
7. Phobos and Deimos
8. It is a condition commonly known as “double vision,” where the eye simultaneously perceives two images of a single object.
9. Alexander Mackenzie (from 1873 to 1878)
10. Rock Hudson
11. Minneapolis and St. Paul
12. Nathaniel Hawthorne
13. The cha-cha
14. Three’s a crowd
15. Sonia Braga
16. It is 25 cents
17. A double-edged sword
18. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito
19. Charles Dickens
20. A piece of wood that has been cut to be long and straight so that it can be used for building
21. Pearl Bailey
22. Poker
23. Brian De Palma
24. Hayley Mills
25. It means that two people share the cost of something, such as a meal.