TV shows: Robots out for revenge, hurting Honey and Unorthodox unearthed

Two much-awaited series are coming up on Netflix at the end of March.

Honey Boy (photo credit: Courtesy)
Honey Boy
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Season three of Westworld, the robot sci-fi drama, will be coming to HOT HBO, YES Edge and CellcomTV on March 16.
The Internet is awash with fan theories that try to make sense of the cliffhangers from season two, some rather outlandish, but viewers have learned that in Westworld, just about anything can happen. One of the biggest debates among fans is whether or not the world outside the parks, where Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and other characters ventured toward the end of the second season, is real or just another brilliantly constructed fake landscape that actually (but secretly) extends the territory of the parks.
The show is extremely well done. The acting is excellent and the special effects are arguably the best ever put on the small screen. For many, this show is addictive and fun, but if you lack the fascination with robots and AI that is at the heart of the show, all the special effects in the world won’t get you excited about it.
Two much-awaited series are coming up on Netflix at the end of March.
Deborah Feldman wrote a controversial and critically acclaimed memoir, Unorthodox, about her life in an ultra-Orthodox community and how she eventually fled to Germany with her son, and her book has been adapted for a fictionalized Netflix miniseries, premiering on March 26. The series was directed by Maria Schrader, one of Germany’s top actresses, who also directed the adaptation of Zeruya Shalev’s acclaimed novel, Love Life, in Israel with an Israeli cast. Israeli Shira Haas plays the lead, and she is one of the most interesting young actresses these days, who has starred - and was the standout - in such television dramas as Shtisel, The Conductor and Harem, and has also appeared in the movies Foxtrot and The Zookeeper’s Wife.
If you got addicted to Ozark, you’re not alone, and the good news is that season three will start streaming on Netflix on March 27. There’s just something about the Byrdes, a middle-class family drawn into high-level crime, characters who are somehow as appealing as they are amoral, much like with the series Breaking Bad. It has been confirmed that the main cast is returning for the third season and the showrunners have hinted that there will be more character development for Ruth (Julia Garner, whose mother is Israeli and who is starring in a new movie inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, The Assistant), a young redneck woman who, like Marty (Justin Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney), is just too smart and tough for the role she born into. Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), the chillingly efficient lawyer for the drug cartel for which the Byrdes launder money, will also be back, and apparently her daughter will be joining the mix.
Shia LaBeouf plays a character based on his father in the powerful, semi-autobiographical Honey Boy, for which he also wrote the screenplay.  The movie, which chronicles the actor’s often painful childhood and was directed by Israeli Alma Har’el,  who won the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in First-Time Feature Film from the Directors Guild of America. The movie will be shown on CellcomTV, HOT VOD Cinema and YES VOD, starting on March 12.
There really were no bad seasons of The Americans, but season 5, which starts running on HOT VOD on March 9 and is running on YES Edge in the middle of the night and very early in the morning is quite gripping. It’s hard to even talk about the main plot points without spoiling the series for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but the main plot of the season has the Jennings investigating possible agricultural sabotage. As always, they do some interesting disguises and Elizabeth even pretends to work in fashion.
It sets everything up for the brilliance of the final season, which contain some of the finest writing, acting and suspense in the history of television.