WATCH: Jim Jefferies tries to bring Mideast peace

Comedian brings a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian to a bar - in Israel.

After decades of war, bloodshed, anger and uncertainty – can a stand-up comedian be the one to bring peace to the Middle East?
The answer is definitely no, but that doesn’t seem to stop Jim Jefferies from trying – or at least pretending to.
In the episode of The Jim Jefferies show that aired on Comedy Central this week, the Australian comedian decided to take a “deep dive into religion.” That included meeting up in a bar in Israel with a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim to see if he could bring peace.
“Every good diplomat knows that step one to solving religious strife is establishing common ground,” Jefferies said, before establishing that all four men were in fact circumcised.
The comedian gathered Rabbi Ari Enkin, a US-born modern Orthodox rabbi who lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh (and wore a tallit to a bar), Pastor Al Nucciarone of the Jerusalem Baptist Church and Dr. Ali Qleibo, a Palestinian Muslim who lives in Jerusalem. While Enkin and Nucciarone are fairly devout, it became apparent that Qleibo is not an imam, and is not particularly observant.
“Are you just like a guy we picked up off the street?” Jefferies asked him.
The comedian expressed that he really doesn’t get why “these guys have been killing themselves over a patch of dirt, a few below-average nightclubs and a salty-ass lake.”
Jefferies, who said he is an atheist, asked the group what would happen when he dies. When Enkin said he’d go to heaven anyway, the comedian proclaimed: “Let’s Jew it up! I’m telling you the Jews are the winners.”
In January, the comedian was in Israel for a stand-up show in Tel Aviv. During his raunchy set, he joked about the guttural Hebrew language, about Israel’s terrible customer service, and how Birthright trips sell young American Jews hard on Israel by exposing them to “the hottest women on the f*cking planet.”
And earlier this month, Jefferies featured another Israel-based clip on his weekly comedy show. The comedian showcased the very small anti-circumcision movement in Israel – and even took to the streets of Tel Aviv to take a poll.
Jefferies concludes the segment by telling Chabad Rabbi Pinchas Cohen: “I have a beautiful penis.”
“Thank God,” the rabbi replied.