'Decision on Fifth Dimension possible because Gantz not a suspect'

Acting State Attorney: Pre-election decision on Fifth Dimension made possible because MK Benny Gantz is no longer a suspect in the Fifth Dimension investigation

BENNY GANTZ (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Acting State Attorney Dan Eldad publicized a letter Monday night explaining why he had issued a decision to open a criminal investigation into Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz's former company Fifth Dimension before the March 2 election date.
Although traditionally no decisions are made regarding candidates for public office less than 30 days before an election and an effort is made to even avoid making decisions during any point in election season, Eldad said that the fact that Gantz is not a suspect removed that obstacle.
Remarkably, Eldad did not address the impact that his decision could have on Gantz's electoral prospects by criminally probing his former company and associates, acting as if the obstacle is merely a technical requirement strictly related to a candidate for office.
Eldad also said that he merely adopted the prevailing opinion of the state prosecution lawyers dealing with the case for a file which had been sitting without real movement for months.
He said that as soon as Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit transferred responsibility for the file to him on February 19 by virtue of Gantz not being a suspect, there was no reason to delay opening the criminal probe.
His letter was a response to accusations by The Guardian of Israeli Democracy NGO that Eldad had rushed the decision to harm Gantz politically in order to please Acting Justice Minister Amir Ohana who appointed him to the role over Mandelblit's objections that he was unfit.
Ironically, Mandelblit on Monday publicly supported Eldad's decision about the Fifth Dimension.