Wix.com launches their own custom digital-first typeface, Madefor

The typeface balances modernity and tradition, giving the brand a fresh tone of voice that will stand the test of time.

Computer (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Wix.com, the global leader in website creation, announced the launch of their own custom digital-first typeface, Wix Madefor.
Designed in collaboration with its in-house studio and type foundry Dalton Maag, Madefor will replace the legacy typeface to bring Wix’s online-focused design-centric identity to the forefront of the company’s products and services. 
“At Wix, we take a lot of pride in our in-house multidisciplinary design studio, and we noticed the brand was missing a critical element of design, a custom and easily-recognizable typeface,” said Hagit Kaufman, Wix VP of Design and Brand.
“We set out to create a bespoke typeface that was distinguishable and represented our brand values. Most importantly, the typeface needed to work well online, maintain its character when scaled across large displays, and support legibility across user interfaces and long-form text. And of course, it needed to be beautiful! We believe we’ve created exactly that with Madefor.”
The Madefor final typeface includes three display weights and three text weights, with each style available in regular, bold, and extra bold. Each of the text weights also comes with a matching italic style. The typeface balances modernity and tradition, giving the brand a fresh tone of voice that will stand the test of time.

Type buffs will note that the Madefor typeface family is geometric and minimal, but features characteristics that give it a distinct personality. For example, ‘pipe-bend’ terminals seen in the ‘j’ and flaring angled terminals seen in the ‘s’ allow for readers to easily skim a page.
The wide proportions of the display style grab attention and allow the features of the typeface to be truly appreciated. The text styles are narrower and looser to work efficiently at small sizes within paragraph text and across Wix’s user interface. The italic styles complete the range of expression and were designed for content that needs emphasis or simply wants to feel more playful or personal.
“The collaborative nature of the project allowed us to hone in on exactly what the Wix Design Team needed and resulted in a compact typographic toolkit with a subtle, but unique personality,” said Matt Burvill, Font Developer at Dalton Maag. “The project benefited from the dynamics between Dalton Maag and Wix. The mix of departments, backgrounds, cultures, and genders allowed for balanced feedback and resulted in a typeface that truly feels like it was made for all.”

Made For is created for everyone: users who are small businesses, organizations, professionals or individuals. 
"Wix is committed to its users and their unique needs, which immediately places such a process on a different scale of complexity," said Hagit Kaufman, VP of Wix's Design Brand.
"Wix's strong design base as a product company has led us to the next stage where all the major technology companies are operating today: custom font design. Progress such as this is no small feat in the design world," Kaufman said.
Today, Wix employs over 300 designers who come from a wide range of design background, and there is nothing in the company that is not the result of thought or activity of the company's designers.