Details of thousands of Israeli drug dealers exposed after app is hacked

What will happen to Telegrass now when the security it provided was hacked?

Marijuana plants (photo credit: REUTERS)
Marijuana plants
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Israeli application Telegrass had been hacked and the personal information of over 3,000 Israelis who sold marijuana illegally trusting the encryption service the app provided now have their personal details exposed, Channel 2 reported on Wednesday.
Founded in March, 2017 by Amos Dov Silver, the application allowed buyers and sellers to meet each other behind a wall of anonymity.
To join the app as a dealer, people were asked to provide their ID numbers, mobile numbers and a short video of themselves with the products they wished to sell - all to ensure that they were not undercover cops seeking to make a bust.
While medical marijuana is legal in Israel, it is a crime to use the drug for other reasons or to sell it without a license.