Drive-by shooting in Tel Aviv - Police have detained three suspects

No casualties have been reported but the motives of the shooting are said to be criminal, according to Israel Police.

Tel Aviv skyline  (photo credit: REUTERS)
Tel Aviv skyline
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Shots were fired from a motorcycle toward a moving vehicle on Sunday morning at Tel Aviv’s Hamedina Square.
No casualties were reported and the nature of the shooting was criminal, according to Israel Police.
The police located the vehicle from which the shots were fired at a parking lot in Tel Aviv and detained three suspects.
Police suspect that known criminal Ben Cohen was the target of the attempted assassination.
Cohen, an underworld figure, was the victim of a 2016 car bombing in Givatayim in which he lost both his leg; today he used prosthetic legs.
Cohen has been a prominent player in the “gray market” world of loan sharking for years, and is also known for his close relationship with mob boss Amir Mulner. He is also connected to the Alperon crime family.