El-Al made its last flight using a 747

On September 14 El Al's last flight on a 747 landed in Ben Gurion Airport.

El-Al Jumbo jet (photo credit: SIVAN FARAG)
El-Al Jumbo jet
(photo credit: SIVAN FARAG)
Flight LY008, which landed in Tel Aviv on Sunday afternoon, marked the end of El Al's use of the 747 jets.
The airline has used these planes since 1971, and began using the current model, the 747-400, in 1994 between Israel and New York. This model of plane is set to cease operations at the end of October 2019 when the company's last two "Jumbo"s will be replaced by new "Dreamliner" jets.
The move to stop using the 747 is a part of a strategic move by El-Al to retire old models from service and replace them with newer, more advanced models of planes. This week the company will add the new "Dreamliner" model, a twelfth Boeing 787-9 named "Jerusalem, City of Gold," to its fleet. By March 2020 4 more 787-8s are expected to be added to El Al's fleet.
The 747 is a plane that has been in service for a little more than 50 years so far, and has been said to revolutionize air travel by allowing more people to experience air travel, which was more expensive prior to the plane's debut.