Epic bash celebrates Aliyah Day and our lives in Israel

WINE ON THE VINE events evoke smiles and good spirit. (photo credit: AVIRAM VALDMAN)
WINE ON THE VINE events evoke smiles and good spirit.
(photo credit: AVIRAM VALDMAN)
For centuries, generations of Jews living, suffering and dying in the Diaspora dreamed of coming home to the Land of Israel. The cherished dream for them was an unattainable one, but it is our good fortune to be living at a time in history when the barriers have fallen and the gates to our homeland are wide open.
Yom HaAliyah was first designated and celebrated in 2009, and the Knesset codified it into law in 2016. The tenth of Nisan was chosen for the annual holiday, as it is on that date, according to the Book of Joshua, that the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and entered the Promised Land more than 3,000 years ago – the first mass aliyah.
Even with Nefesh B’Nefesh assisting, immigrating to Israel in modern times may not always be a seamlessly smooth magic carpet ride, but we are grateful to be here and Aliyah Day – the day set aside to acknowledge aliyah as a core value of Israel and recognize the ongoing contributions of olim to the country – is an ideal time to get out and celebrate together.
Accordingly, Wine on the Vine, an Israel Innovation Fund flagship program whose mission is to share and export Israeli culture (and wine), and Jerusalem’s Hitorerut Party have teamed up to stage an epic celebration: a rollicking “L’Chaim to Olim! Yom HaAliyah Party.”
While the spotlight of the event is on olim, everyone is welcome – native-born Israelis, locals and visitors alike. The festivities at The First Station kick off at 7 p.m. on Yom HaAliyah (Tuesday, November 5) and will continue in high gear until 11 p.m.
Wine on the Vine’s signature unlimited wine bar will be serving some of the best varieties from Israeli wineries across the country, and their in-house DJ – DJ Osher – will be spinning intoxicating Israeli music all evening and into the night.
The event will also feature an awards ceremony for olim who have made significant contributions to Israel since making aliyah.
Aliyah is something to celebrate!
Tickets at the door are NIS 90. Advance tickets (NIS 70) are available at :https://tiif.org/event/lchaim-to-olim-yom-haaliyah-party/