10-month-old dies of severe head injury, extreme child abuse suspected

The baby was pronounced dead on Wednesday after two days in Soroka Medical Center.

Abandoned doll sitting on a concrete floor (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Abandoned doll sitting on a concrete floor
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
A 10-month-old infant died on Wednesday morning after suffering from a severe head injury, allegedly as a result of extreme abuse, reported Maariv, The Jerusalem Post’s sister paper.
The baby was rushed to Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba on Monday evening and received artificial respiration.
A Palestinian resident of the West Bank, who allegedly abused the baby, was caught and placed in custody for six days. The father of the baby was questioned by police and then released.
The mother claimed she entrusted a friend with her child and went to attend a family meeting. She then received a call from the friend who asked her to return home because the infant was ill. When the mother returned home, she called emergency services.
The Palestinian man left the apartment before the mother returned and attempted to flee the city. He was arrested at Plugot Junction, near Kiryat Gat. The mother is currently under arrest for suspected negligence.
The Israel National Council for the Child, a nonprofit that advocates for children’s rights, released a statement on Tuesday saying that “there are too many children that go through hell in their homes or in their immediate surroundings.”
The NGO added that 20% of children in Israel suffer from abuse and that one way to fight this challenge would be to revert back to the policy of conducting house visits, as was once the policy.
The council reported that the number of at-risk children has doubled since 2000, standing at roughly 344,000 in 2017.