Finance Minister Katz scolds ministry's legal consultant

Tensions between Finance Minister Israel Katz and Asi Messing have reached a boiling point during a meeting concerning responsibility sharing over professional retraining of unemployed workers

New Finance Minister Israel Katz (photo credit: FINANCE MINISTRY)
New Finance Minister Israel Katz
(photo credit: FINANCE MINISTRY)
During a meeting devoted to deciding which body will oversee professional retraining of the hundreds of thousands of people who were laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic, Finance Minister Israel Katz rebuked his ministry's legal consultant Asi Messing, according to N12 channel.
"I understand that Shaul Meridor [Head of the Budget Department] is running you. I will make sure that it stops," said Katz.
During the discussion Katz insisted that the professional retraining of the unemployed will be done on behalf of the Finance Ministry.
Currently, these retaining are offered by the Labor Ministry.
Finance Ministry
legal consultant explained that some legal constraints may restrain Katz's intention.
Keren Terner, Finance Ministry Director-General and Head of the Budget Department Shaul Meridor were also present in the room when Katz lashed at Messing.
"I will consult with whomever I see fit and make sure that you will be present at only some of the discussions - only those which have a clear legal aspect to them," said Katz.
Last week, Globes reported that tensions flared between the two when Katz requested that all communication between the two will be conducted in writing and in writing only.