Israel Katz: There will be no change to previous labor agreements

The proposed legislation will curb the independence of the Social Security Agency, to which the Finance Ministry already owns NIS 200 billion.

Israel's Finance Minister Israel Katz (photo credit: SEBASTIAN SCHEINER/POOL VIA REUTERS)
Israel's Finance Minister Israel Katz
Finance Minister is Israel Katz said on his Meet the Press interview with Israel's N12 that he is committed to answer the protection needs of the social work sector, as they are assaulted in great numbers, and already secured funding for it. But he said that “there will be no change in previous labor agreements”, he said, as the government is “working on getting aid to those harmed by coronavirus."
“The rescue package is planned for a year because I think a vaccine would be found in that time,” he said.
Blue and White MK Eitan Ginzburg, who appeared on the Saturday's show in a pre-taped interview, slammed the Likud for “lying to the public,” as he pointed out that with a budget until the end of 2020, “how could the aid package be for one year?”
One out of five Israelis is out of work as the national unemployment rate stands at 21%. Katz said he means to meet with people from the tourism sector on Sunday, since tourism had been nearly wiped out; almost no tourists arrived in the country since the pandemic began.
Katz argued his plan is composed of three parts: The rescue package, the six-month budget, and the Arrangements Law. It has been reported the up-and-coming law will twist the arm of the National Insurance Authority (NIA) into ensuring it will continue to hand over surplus funds to the ministry. The NIA objects to this, claiming that it should be the body deciding what to do with its own surplus money.  
Katz spoke on the air with social activist Abir Kara who is behind the "I am Schulman" groups, a grassroots movement numbering roughly 200,000 people who call on the government to help the middle and working classes survive.
Kara was recently embarrassed on the air when it was found that he was in contact with Katz, leading some to suggest he is a Likud “plant” in what is presented as an authentic protest. Kara said he has been talking with Katz for over a month, “who am I meant to speak with?” He joked. “The Water Resources Minister [Ze'ev Elkin]?” 
Katz said that in the upcoming state budget, NIS 100 billion is earmarked to reshape the country’s infrastructure and NIS 50 billion to support the hi-tech sector. He claimed the people who are seeking work will be given training for “the post-coronavirus professions, among them digitalization.” 
Blue and White objected to the Likud’s desire to pass a rapid budget meant to last until the end of 2020 Instead, they want to have a budget until the end of 2021. Katz said it would be a “grave mistake” not to pass the budget.
Likud MK Miki Zohar, who debated with Ginzburg in the pre-taped part of the program, said that due to the uncertainty the pandemic enforces, a one-year budget “will be changed 365 times”      

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