First time voters? Olim get a taste of Israeli elections - in English

Meretz, Likud, Union of Right-Wing Parties [URP] and Kulanu sent members to debate and engage new immigrants to Israel as part of an effort by World Bnei Akiva [WBA].

Elections panel with Olim (photo credit: WORLD BNEI AKIVA)
Elections panel with Olim
(photo credit: WORLD BNEI AKIVA)
Roughly 160 olim (new immigrants to Israel) attended a special pre-elections panel held by World Bnei Akiva at ANA Agron's Auditorium in Jerusalem on Sunday.
Held in English, the panel featured Meretz activist Uri Zaki, Likud member and chairman of Likud Pride Amir Ohana and Tzachi Meghnagi from the Union of Right-Wing Parties.
Other speakers included Dr. Yehuda Mimran, No. 12 on Kulanu’s list, Blue and White member Orit Farkash-Hacohen and New Right member Jeremy Saltan.
Zaki presented the world view that a Palestinian state on 22% of the West Bank is necessary to have lasting peace between Arabs and Jews, followed by Ohana’s argument that as the Arab-Israeli conflict did not begin with the Six Day War of 1967, it will not end even if such an entity would come into being.
However, Zaki discovered he has an ally in banning Israeli weapon sales to countries allegedly committing war crimes, and Meghnagi supported a ban as well. World Bnei Akiva had previously called on Israel to adopt new regulations in this spirit.
Israel is a known provider of weapons systems to Myanmar, while Israeli cyber-companies sell their respective products to several countries, including Saudi Arabia, according to foreign media reports.   
Sharing how he attended Bnei Akiva events as a child in Skokie, Illinois in the US, Saltan expressed his happiness at attending the panel.
“What I’m doing here is a dream,” he said. “It’s a dream that a lot of you might have in the crowd tonight, to sit here at this panel representing an Israeli party that is running for the Knesset.”